Spent lots of summer nights in a small summer house, laptop and mic, flatscreen and cult classics, herbals, tequila and video games... I dubbed it LabCabin517, in homage to the Pharcyde. The Joint Project was crafted using the finest tools of the trade, and the craftmenship to match. I produced 10 out of 12 songs, with Sequel and Young Heat sharing the other two songs. Click one of these links to listen or purchase. You can even buy it on a Russian website. Random. 
It's inspired by 90's hip-hop, 90's film and hang overs. The Joint Project was an adventure. For as much I admire the project, the behind the music will be just as entertaining. You grow during collaboration, and I think the journey of the Joint Project has brought us to a new height in our talents. 
The Joint Project isn't a direct sequel to Bud Brothers, A-O,z and Ave's collab-EP from 2013, or even a spiritual succesor. At the same time as Bud Brothers was in production I was working on LOUDnJAXON, a weed-fueled project of my own. The three of us, along with Young Heat, collaborated on a song called Rollin' Stoned. That was the first and only time I collaborated with Ave until we started working on Joint Project.
So through my cameo on Bud Brothers, our shared interest in loud, and some strange cosmic creative energy we produced Joint Project. 
Click the links below to check it out.
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